Easy Chicken Cacciatore

>> Jun 28, 2011

Okay so I'm not the best cook in the world. I don't have a big array of dishes that I make. Most of them contain chicken or pasta. At the beginning of the year, I resolved to cook more new dishes. I've learned a few new recipes since January.
Here I will walk you through my Chicken Cacciatore dish that started it all. I actually made this on New Year's Eve. I did get the original recipe from allrecipes.com but I've made a few changes.

Begin with a couple of chicken breasts and a large skillet. I've seasoned it with a little olive oil, garlic salt, black pepper, and some oregano. These are cutlets because I'm only cooking for myself, and I like that they cook up a little quicker.

When the chicken is nicely browned and cooked through. Take them out of the skillet and onto a cutting board.
 While you are dicing the chicken, throw some chopped onions and green beans into the hot skillet. I use frozen. Once you throw it into the skillet it doesn't really matter.
 Chop the chicken into chunks. Whatever size you want.
 When the onions are a little browned and the green beans are mostly thawed, dump in a can of diced tomatoes. I like to add the ones that are already seasoned with basil, garlic, and oregano. I've tried using the unseasoned and it seems a little bland.
 Let it sit for just a minute or so.
 Then you can add the chicken. I like to add a little extra garlic, oregano, and black pepper.  Let the whole thing simmer for  a few minutes to get all those spices blended. Stirring it occasionally.
 For a little kick, I add a tiny bit of ground cayenne pepper. A little bit goes a long way.
You can add just about any veggie to this. I've added mushrooms and bell peppers to this in the past. I just didn't have any on hand this time. I've also used fresh garlic cloves too. It makes for a more potent garlic taste.
I'm only cooking for one, but I get 2 servings out of this. I make it just about every week.



Dizchick June 28, 2011 at 10:35 PM  

That looks yummy! I might just have to make this at least once.

LB June 29, 2011 at 7:24 AM  

Sounds good and EASY!!

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