Turning into an Old Woman

>> Dec 8, 2009

I swear I typed another entry since my last one. Oh well. Maybe I didn't.

Okay so I've decided to pick up sewing again. So much for my writing more. My projects would go a lot faster if I had a sewing machine. But alas, I'll do it by hand. It just doesn't come out as clean. I'm trying my had at making a tote bag. It looks okay so far. I've decided this first one is just for practice, so I just used some extra fabric I had laying around. I'm sure it would look better with a different fabric. Meh. I originally planned to give them as gifts for xmas. But I don't think I can finish 2 of them by then. Might still be possible. I have to find a good fabric store close to home.

Also thought about taking up crocheting, knitting, or quilting. I think I'm turning into an old woman.

Oh and I think I know what I'm going to plan for my 30th Birthday. Renting a house in Palm Springs. It should be warm enough for a pool there in March, right? The end of March. Just hope I can get the funds together. Could be up to $500 a night. Maybe my friends would like to pitch in? A girl can dream. But I think it sounds like a fun idea. A BBQ and swim party, then end in the hot tub.

I'm a little hyper right now from the latte I had with breakfast. Also, I'm stretching a task at my internship otherwise I won't have anything to do today. It's been slow lately. No big projects right now. Ugh, I need to find a real job.

Anyway, I'll close this post for today. I'm running out of steam.


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