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>> Nov 12, 2009

Okay so I haven't posted anything else since my test blog. Sorry. Nobody is reading this anyway. I need to pick a blog and just stick with it. I've been on LiveJournal for years, but for some reason, I rarely go there anymore.

I really do want to start writing more. I think I'm just stuck in a rut and every day seems the same as the next. That doesn't really make for interesting blog posts. So I may post song lyrics I like, or maybe even some that I have written myself, if I can get back into that after my spot of writer's block. Maybe I'll write about what I had for lunch. But even that doesn't vary much these days. So maybe I'll write about being unemployed. Hmm...nobody's talking about that these days. Right?

Okay so writing isn't my strong point, but I really want to be a better writer. I guess what I'm getting at is that I just need more practice. I need to put in the time. Hopefully it will get easier. I need to be diligent and be sure to write something here at least once or twice a week. Is that a fair goal to start with?

Well nobody reads this anyway. So I guess I could write anything I want. Well there ya go.


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