Fingerless Mitts

>> Dec 30, 2010

Okay, so I didn't knit any gifts this year, just stuff for myself. Sometimes when I try out new patterns, they aren't meant for others. It's just a way to learn new techniques. My roommate was knitting some mittens for a friend of hers and I wanted to learn how to do it too. She gave me a few instructions and I took it from there.

I didn't want full mittens, I just wanted some fingerless mits to wear while I knitted or typed on my laptop. My first attempt was kind of a mess. I loved it at first, until I started a new one that I modified a bit.

Here's the first attempt:
It's a little sloppy, bulky. and unfitted.

So the new mit I contoured a bit more and left out the ribbing on the top parts. Also, made it a bit shorter.

I'm not sure where my roommate got the pattern she used. And I didn't really write down the pattern I followed. But I made a matching mit for this one and I love them. I wear them when reading, knitting, and typing. It keeps my hands toasty while leaving my fingers free to do whatever.


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